Rehousing Services:

We offer a wide variety of rehousing options to suit any budget. Rehousing prices vary greatly depending on the pedal but start at around $75 for the most basic jobs. Some things to consider when pricing out a rehousing:

All casings will be a bare aluminum finish. We also offer a textured black paint for $15 extra. These enclosures are painted and then drilled. There is a small possibility of superficial scratches during the drilling and assembly process.
We do not label pedals, print graphics on them, or use any other pre-painted enclosures.
The cost of a rehousing does not include true bypass or any other modifications in the pricing.
Cheaper pedals cost more to rehouse.
Not all pedals can be put into a smaller casing due to the PCB size. This includes the EHX Microsynth, Poly Chorus, and the Deluxe Memory Man.
We do not rehouse Behringer pedals.
If you need the original parts back please say so while requesting a price/shipping quote.
Check out the Gallery for some of our more popular rehousings.
Please use this Rehousing Template to describe the desired jack locations.

Below is a rehoused Boss DD-5; the second switch is for tap tempo.  Dimensions are 4.5" x 5.5". Boss rehousings start around $75; As pictured below with modifications was $150.