online   The Super Famicom Fuzz is our limited edition, retail-ready version of the Super 8-Bit Fuzz. This high-gain gated fuzz uses the same circuit as our Super 8-Bit Fuzz but sports a 2-knob package making the pedal easier to dial in a great fuzz tone. The notes feel like a keyboard; immediate attack and the note just disappears suddenly when used in a more traditional manner. Random octave dives can occur at certain settings as well as a fat, raspy fuzz in the lower octaves. The pedal is very responsive to your playing technique. Now with a "Focus" control which adjusts both the gain and the stability of the notes. With the Focus control turned down you have a standard, high gain fuzz. As you turn it up your notes become less stable and decay erratically. The Super Famicom Fuzz can be powered by either a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm DC adapter. 

The videos below of the Super 8-Bit Fuzz are very accurate representations of what you'll get out of the Super Famicom Fuzz.