on Square Market   The Repeater is our tremolo pedal which uses a sawtooth waveform to give the pedal its unique tone. Most other tremolo pedals use either a square or triangle wave to create their tremolo effect. Our circuit allows the user to have a staccato tremolo effect capable of creating some very synth-like tones. It's a great companion to run after our Super 8-Bit Fuzz. This pedal has Rate and Depth knobs as all modulation effects should. It also has a Volume knob to help since very fast tremolos can cause a slight volume drop compared to the same pedal at slower settings. The Repeater is true bypass, runs on any standard 9V power supply, and has a status LED. The pedal color may vary as we ramp up production; please email before ordering if this is a concern. This pedal is also keyboard friendly; Check out the link in the video below.