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We offer a wide variety of wiring options for our footswitches to solve a variety of switching problems. These are not universal pedals and you need to purchase the correct pedal to work with your pedal. The details are listed here; Please email before ordering if you are unsure. All footswitches are 1.5"x3.5" and have a ¼" mono output jack.

Our standard tap tempo footswitch is a positive polarity, normally open (NO) soft touch footswitch. This is the most common wiring method for momentary footswitches and works with Boss pedals among other brands.

Our negative polarity, normally closed (NC) soft touch footswitch is typically used on Yamaha and Roland keyboards. 

Our latching footswitch works as a channel select for many amplifiers. It simply shorts the tip to sleeve (ground).

Our latching footswitch with LED is NOT universal. It is designed to work with pedals which we have modified already to accept this pedal. The LED is wired in series with the switch and must be powered by the device it controls. There is no DC jack!