online   The Super 8-Bit Fuzz is a high-gain gated fuzz. The notes feel like a keyboard; immediate attack and the note just disappears suddenly when used in a more traditional manner. Random octave dives can occur at certain settings as well as a fat, raspy fuzz in the lower octaves. The pedal is very responsive to your playing technique. The "Glitch" control is used to change the pedal from your standard high gain fuzz to an unstable mass of noise and octave-glitch goodness. The other knob is a Volume knob. The Super 8-Bit Fuzz can be powered by either a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm DC adapter.

Please note that the 3-knob version has been discontinued. For more control check out our 5-knob Modified Super 8-Bit and browse our store for other Super 8-Bit variations and one-offs.