Crybaby Wah Replacement Board

Why buy a premodded circuit board? Well, wah pedals are very heavy and some customers prefer to simply purchase a circuit board with wah modifications already performed rather than pay for shipping here and back for their entire pedal. This is also important for international orders where shipping may cost as much as the modification itself. Luckily the Dunlop GCB-95 has used the same circuit board for the majority of its existence. Even better is that the circuit board can be replaced using basic hand tools and does not require soldering. If your circuit board is similar to the one above then you can use the directions shown in the video below to see how easy the install can be. This board should fit most GCB-95 Crybaby pedals made after 1990. These are now available on our online store with our standard overhaul and Fasel inductor for $55.